Print Media Advertising


Substantial amounts of money are spent on advertising. Unless the advertising is generating more money than you spend, it would be a waste.

One general was visiting a battlefield and was standing near two soldiers who were firing away at the enemy. He asked them whether they were hitting their target. One of the soldiers replied, ” I don’t know sir; they are leaving here with one hell of a bang.”

There are various ways to advertise like news papers, magazines, television, bill boards and internet. You should first choose the kind of media that is most suitable for your target audience.

Print media advertising consists of newspapers, magazines, dailies, weeklies and their reach is wide ranging. Newspapers reach a wide geographical area. It is difficult to target a specific section of people, with them. But it is possible create an awareness about your product.

News papers have different kinds of advertisements like classifieds, display ads etc. You can also take a full page, half page or even a portion of a page, for your ad. You can even go for a classified ad. You also have the option of using different font size and color. You can also advertise in the news papers repeatedly.

Magazine advertising could be more focused. With specific magazines like auto magazine, scientific or technology magazine you can reach your target audience. If the magazines have local editions it is possible to reach people of that particular geographical area.

Direct mails are another method of advertising. This kind of advertising is more focused and generates more sales. But direct mail could be more expensive. Mailing lists could be bought. Some business keep addresses of their clients and send mails to them on any new products or offers.

Yellow pages are also a good way of advertising your product or service. They are good when they are focused on a specific geographical area. It is very easy to locate any business and contact them with the aid of yellow pages. If any visitor comes to that area from a different location he can use the yellow pages to get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the businesses listed and contact them.

Bill boards and posters are another form of advertising. Posters can be used on the roads to direct a customer to your address.





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