8 December 2022

New Delhi: Union minister Smriti Irani on Friday said Gopal Italia, the AAP Gujarat president, has used derogatory and shameful language against the 100-year-old mother of PM Modi, at the behest of Arvind Kejriwal.

” His language is unforgivable. I dare Arvind Kejriwal to use such language against a woman in Gujarat. If Kejriwal has courage, I dare him to come to the land of Gujarat and use such language against an aging woman. I am urging everyone to question Kejriwal that if he had not instructed his party leader to use such derogatory language against a 100 – year – old woman then why he has not taken action against Italia, why he has not thrown him out, ” Irani told reporters at her residence.

Irani said that attacking a 100 – year – an old woman will turn into a big political defeat for the AAP. She said the people of Gujarat have now decided to teach the AAP a political lesson. ” If you ( AAP ) think that attacking a 100 – year – old woman, just because she is the mother of the PM, will help you gain in politics, you are mistaken. This is Gujarat and Gujarati will make you pay for this in the upcoming elections, ” she said. Irani said that by such statements which were made by Italia at the instructions of Kejriwal, Gujarati sentiments had been hurt.

PM's mom used at Kejriwal's behest '
PM’s mom used at Kejriwal’s behest ‘

Kejriwal was well aware of Italia’s record and the whole party supported the serial of the fender, the minister said.

” You ( AAP ) abuse us, abuse our organization but don’t hurl abuses at a 100 – year – old woman. This is unacceptable. People will not spare such a political attempt. Gujaratis will now bring AAP to political justice, ” said Irani.

Irani said how can Kejriwal call himself the ‘ Avatar of Lord Krishna ‘ even after abusing a 100 – year – old woman, and added, ” what was stopping Kejriwal to throw Italia out of his party “.

” Kejriwal, why are you making someone ( Italia ) say your words, I dare you to speak your words openly if you have guts. How can women feel safe under your regime, ” she said.

Recently, two old videos of Italia surfaced, one in which he is heard calling Prime Minister Narendra “neech “, and another in which he makes derogatory remarks against women.

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