5 December 2022

Dehradun : In his sixth visit to Kedarnath in eight years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered puja wearing the traditional Himachali outfit ” choldadhora ” and a handicap, seen by analysts as a message to the neighboring hill state, which goes to polls in a month.

The dress, covered in fine embroidery and a ‘ Swastika ‘ symbol on the back, was gifted to the PM by women of Cham ba ( in Himachal ) during his last trip to the state. Modi had promised to wear it ” at a cold place “. Later in the day, addressing a public meeting in Mana, the last Indian village at the Indo – China border, Modi drew comparisons between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and spoke on improving connectivity between the two states. He said both states have ” similar problems and solutions “.

PM sends a pre-poll message
PM sends a pre-poll message

Political watchers said that it was not surprising that the PM had picked this particular attire to drum up support for the polls. ” Himachal Pradesh, with 68 seats, is due to go to polls on November 12 and the dress worn by the PM will no doubt be a hot topic of conversation there. He is a very savvy politician and has a great dressing sense. He is also the biggest promoter of local attires, ” Doon-based political commentator, Udit Ghildiyal, said.

Ghildiyal said that in a similar sartorial choice, Modi had donned the ” Uttarakhandi topi ” during Republic Day celebrations ( around a month before assembly polls in the state ). ” It became an instant hit. The CM, ministers, officials, employees, and all others started wearing the cap after Modi wore it, ” he said.

” The Himachali dress has a direct connection to upcoming polls in HP, ” said political analyst Jay Singh Rawat. ” By wearing the dress, the PM sent a strong message to people of the neighboring state where it would become a talking point, ” he added. Doon-based social activist Anoop Nautiyal said, ” PM Modi knows how to strike a chord. The dress was a way to reach out to the people of Himachal, especially the women. “

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