PM Narendra Modi congratulates Pinarayi Vijayan on his victory, CPI (M) leader will be CM for second term | India News


New Delhi: After a resounding victory for Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF in Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (May 2, 2021) congratulated the former on his successful election campaign paving the way for a second term in office.

Taking to Twitter, Modi said, “I would like to congratulate Shri Pinarayi Vijayan and the LDF for winning the Kerala Assembly elections. We will continue working together on a wide range of subjects and to ensure India mitigates the COVID-19 global pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Vijayan urged supporters to not celebrate the victory and continue the fight against COVID-19. “Kerala has given a verdict in favour of the LDF. But this is not the time to celebrate with great joy as COVID19 continues to spread. This is the time to continue the fight against COVID-19. Kerala today reported 31,950 new COVID-19 cases and 49 deaths,” Vijayan said during a media address in his assembly constituency seat Dharmadam, ANI reported. 

The Election Commission trends show, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is registering a win on 21 seats and maintaining a lead on 39 more. Among other constituents of LDF, CPI has won 4 seats and is leading on 13 seats, Kerala Congress (M) has won 3 seats and maintaining the lead on 2, NCP and Janata Dal (Secular) are leading on two seats each and Janadhipathya Kerala Congress is leading on one seat. 






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