5 December 2022

On the day that Rishi Sunak takes over as PM in Britain, the Daily Star tabloid reflected the head-spinning turnover in the country’s top political job with a mock-up of a calendar. Under the tagline ” Prime Ministers of 2022, ” Tuesday’s newspaper displayed a picture of Sunak with the caption ” October – RISHI. “

Given the brief tenure of Sunak’s predecessor Liz Truss, the Daily Star joked that Sunak, the Conservative Party’s third leader since September, might not last more than a month in power.

Other newspapers point to the new leader’s main challenge- how to bring the Conservative party together after the fall of Boris Johnson and the tenure of Truss, who announced her resignation after only six weeks in office. ” Unite or Die ” was used in headlines in five newspapers, ranging from the Guardian to the Daily Telegraph, picking up on a quotation from Sunak to lawmakers after his win on Monday.

party unity as Sunak's first challenge
party unity as Sunak’s first challenge

Political commentators say the party is divided on how to navigate relations with the European Union after Brexit; whether to clamp down on immigration, or increase it to foster economic growth; whether to cut taxes to stimulate the economy or raise them to pay for services; and, above all, how to fill the hole in the budget, which could amount to $ 45 billion.

Sunak’s choice of a cabinet is considered the first test, and several newspapers consider red whether he would try to balance the party’s various factions or staff his team with members who supported him.

The headline in the Daily Mirror newspaper spoke to a different issue that could cause trouble for Sunak who has not come into the top office because of a general election. The headline spoke to the issue: ” Who Voted For You, ” it asked, with another line that said: ” Yet another Tory takes power without a single vote being cast. “

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