5 December 2022

Ghaziabad: The son of a retired Delhi Police inspector was battered to death with brick blows to the head by a fellow customer outside an eatery in Ghaziabad after two groups clashed in what witnesses described as ” extreme drunken rage ” over the way two cars were parked on Tues day night. Police said Arun Singh ( 35 ) had gone to Dhaba on Loni road at Tila Mor with two of his friends – Deepak ( 32 ) and Sanjay Rawat ( 33 ) — the day after Diwali.

After the meal, Arun could not get into his Santro outside the restaurant as another car was parked so close to his that it blocked the door. Arun is believed to have gone back to ask about the owner of the car, leading to a heated exchange, which began with expletives and escalated quickly outside the eatery.

parking near Ghaziabad roadside eatery
parking near Ghaziabad roadside eatery

A man picked up a brick lying on the road and repeatedly smashed it on Arun’s head. Police said they have identified one of the accused, a resident of Loni, who is on the run. They are investigating how many others are involved. Horrifying visuals of the brawl captured by a passerby show the attacker, in a yellow T-shirt and shorts, standing over Arun and hitting him, the two parked cars just in front of them. Arun is seen lying motionless on the ground. Police could not confirm if this man was the owner of the car parked next to Arun’s that triggered the brawl.

Arun’s friends allegedly hid in a corner and didn’t intervene. Arun’s family has named Deepak and San jay in their complaint, accusing them of fleeing the crime scene and not helping take Arun to a hospital. Police said both have been detained .

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