29 November 2022

New Delhi: Packed frozen ‘ Paratha ‘ is not ‘ roti or chapatti ‘ as it requires further cooking before consumption and despite wheat flour being the common thread ‘ there are other ingredients used in making parathas, said an order by the Gujarat Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling.

Such parathas, whether named Malabar, Mixed vegetable, Onion, Methi, Alu, Laccha, Mooli, or Plain, have ingredients like margarine, salt, emulsifying agent, oil, potato, peas, cauliflower, coriander powder, bread improver, and water, apart from wheat flour, which make ‘ quite different from plain roti or chapatti and hence are not eligible for 5 percent Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) rate, the ruling said.

paratha attracts 18 % GST
paratha attracts 18 % GST

The percentage of wheat flour used by Vadilal Industries, which had approached the AAAR, in the eight varieties of paratha manufactured and supplied by it ranges from 36-62 percent, whereas the ingredient for plain roti or chapatti is wheat flour apart from water. Further, rotis can be consumed directly, but the parathas manufactured by the company require to be cooked before consumption, it added.

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