29 November 2022

Dehradun : The Dehradun Corporation Municipal ( DMC ) is receiving over 100 complaints daily, through various portals and helpline numbers, over malfunctioning streetlights, according to data available with the civic body. While DMC authorities claimed the complaints are being dealt with and that their numbers are reducing every day, residents and city councilors disagree.

The DMC claims of the 97,949 streetlights in 100 wards of Dehradun, less than 500 are currently defunct. Bhupender Kathait, councilor, Hathibarkala, said this couldn’t be true, as ” in every ward, at least 10 to 12 lights are defunct “. “Entire areas around the CM’s house, the governor’s house, and the assembly are shrouded in darkness, not to mention the many residential areas where the lights do not work at all. How is it possible that only 500 are defunct ? ” he said.

only 500 defunct streetlights
only 500 defunct streetlights

Some councilors also questioned investing in new switches even as old lights are yet to be repaired. ” If the agency tasked with fixing the streetlights is unable to do it, it should be replaced, ” said another councilor. Residents at several prominent localities said they are at their wit’s end due to dark roads after sundown. Nitin Rawat, a resident of the Sahastradhara area said, ” The entire Sahastradhara road stretch falls dark after the sun set. Not a single light works. Tree-felling work is underway here. Imagine all of these missioners, in the dark. ” Municipal com DMC, Manuj Goyal said, ” Repair work has picked up the pace and the daily number of complaints has gone down. The new automated switches are also being set up on major roads. “

Meanwhile, an official of the department said that setting up new switches is taking time as DMC has a limited number of linemen technicians.

” It will take at least another six months to set up all the 4,500 switches. Each one takes time. Also, we are only putting up the switches at lights that are in perfect working order. In the next phase, we will move to the remaining wards, ” the official added.

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