29 November 2022

Bijnor : A 40 – year – old kidney patient, Mohd Amir, died at a district hospital in Amroha due to a sudden power failure when he was undergoing dialysis, said chief medical superintendent ( CMS ) Dr. Prema Pant Tripathi on Friday.

Amir, a resident of Amroha, reached the hospital for dialysis at around 6.30 am on Wednesday but the treatment was interrupted due to a cut in the power supply to the district hospital. He was made to sit outside the dialysis unit and wait for the electricity for hours.

According to his family, he returned home at around 2 pm without treatment and as he reached home his condition deteriorated. He was immediately taken to a private hospital in Moradabad. However, he died on the way.

off during dialysis in Amroha
off during dialysis in Amroha

Tripathi said, ” There was a disruption in power supply due to which the supply to the dialysis unit was affected. As a result, dialysis could not be done. There were generators in the hospital which were working but the patient’s condition was already serious. He was also paralyzed. “

The CMS added: ” We had to refer him to a higher medical center. His family was taking him to Moradabad and he died on the way to the hospital. “

A senior official, on condition of anonymity, said, ” The hospital’s dialysis unit is usually run by a private company. They were supposed to arrange light and water facilities. There was a power disruption on Wednesday due to a technical glitch. So, dialysis was not being done. The power supply remained disrupted till Thursday. “

A local resident, who knows the family, said, ” Amir ran a grocery shop. He had been suffering from a kidney ailment for six years. He had to sell a lot of things to get himself treated in private hospitals and was in debt. So, he had to go to the district hospital instead. But, the medical facilities there were poor. They couldn’t even get dialysis done. “

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