OECD-Lisbon city International Roundtable for Cities: Exchanging cities' experiences on resilience



OECD Project “Resilient Cities”

20-21 June 2016, Lisbon, Portugal


The International Roundtable for Cities is co-organised by Lisbon City Council and the OECD. The objective of the Roundtable is to discuss the preliminary findings of the OECD project “Resilient Cities” and share cities’ experiences on enhancing resilience. In recent years, many cities have experienced diverse shocks and stresses on their socio-economy, such as the effects of industrial structural change (such as deindustrialisation), economic crises (the  2007-08 global financial crisis , the European debt crisis since 2009), population inflow and outflow, and natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes). This project takes a comparative approach to examining how cities enhance their resilience to those shocks and stresses, and suggests a number of practical policy strategies. Ten case studies of Antalya (Turkey), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Bursa (Turkey), Cardiff (UK), Kobe (Japan), Kyoto (Japan), Lisbon (Portugal), Oslo (Norway), Ottawa (Canada) and Tampere (Finland) provided an analysis of their respective challenges and policy approaches to enhancing resilience.


The Roundtable offers a unique opportunity for representatives from national and local governments as well as international organisations to share innovative strategies for enhancing urban resilience. It will focus on a number of issues that are common among case study cities, including industrial diversification, inclusiveness, alliance approaches by various stakeholders and disasters. These discussions will contribute to other prominent international agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UN-Habitat III processes.


  • Read the agenda
  • Venue: 21 June, 2016: Roundtable, Museu do Dinheiro, Antiga Igreja de S. Julião, Largo de S. Julião, 1100-150 Lisboa
  • Contact: for more information please contact Setsuko Saya, Head of Division, Regional Policies for Sustainable Development (setsuko.saya@oecd.org)
  • For registration please contact Mr.  João Carlos da Silva Afonso, Deputy Mayor, Lisbon City Council (ver.joao.c.afonso@cm-lisboa.pt)




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