No water tankers during school hours in Dehradun

Dehradun: Water tankers in the city, including those sup- plying drinking water, will not ply between 1pm and 3pm (during school hours) to avoid traffic congestion in the city. The move comes a day after nine water tankers were seized and issued challans by the traffic department.

“Summer is here and water demand will go up steadily, for both commercial and drinking purposes, but the department seized the tankers claiming that they contribute to traffic jams.

Water tankers are essential, and are snarls only caused by them? What about illegally parked veil- clews, wrong-side driving, erratically parked vehicles out- side schools etc,” said city councillor, Bhupinder Kath- ait. In a meeting between tanker owners and city councillors, with senior traffic department officials, a decision was taken to restrict the time of their movement.

No water tankers during ,
No water tankers during

“The commercial tankers will only ply from 8pm to 9am and won’t have entry in the city during the day. The drinking water ones will operate during the day as well but none will ply between 1pm and 3pm during school hours when traffic is already at peak,” said superintendent of police, traffic, Akshaya Kunde.

Officials said that the tankers move slowly and of- ten hold the traffic behind them, which is why instructions have been given to them to only move in the left-most lane.

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