4 December 2022

Deoband : Jamiat Ulama e – Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani said that ‘ madaris ‘ affiliated with Darul Uloom will not take affiliation from any other board nor do they need any government help. He added: ” No board in the world can understand the purpose of running madrassas. ” Madani was addressing hundreds of madrassa representatives at the national conference of ‘ Kul Hind Raabta – e – Madaris Islamia ‘ at Darul Uloom in Deoband on Sunday.

” Madrassas, including Darul Uloom, have been operating since 1866 following a set rule that no financial aid will be taken from the government. Only donations are accepted. When Darul started there were Hindus studying as well. Madrassas affiliated with Darul do not accept any financial support from the state, ” he said.

No board can understand the purpose
No board can understand the purpose

” We know how madrassa education will work better, we do not need people who have laptops in their hands, but those who could make us learn to offer namaz five times a day in a mosque. They can work for a small salary, not huge money. We need people who can fulfill our religious needs.

For other requirements and studies, our children are studying in colleges and uni versities, ” he added.

He also slammed those who often accuse madrassas of ” promoting terrorism “, and said, ” Religious study in any faith has no space for any kind of violence. Madrassa doors are open 24 hours, in fact, 90 % of seminaries have no doors. Anyone who wants to visit can come and check. “

Meanwhile, Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani, VC of Darul Uloom, said, ” If the madrassa curriculum is changed, it will deviate from its original purpose. We unanimously reject any change in our curriculum in one voice. “

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