2 June 2023

Patna: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar strongly defended on Friday his government’s decision to change the state jail manual and grant remissions of sentence to don-turned-politician and murder convict Anand Mohan, 26 others.

“Should there be any difference in granting remission to prisoners convicted of murdering a government officer or a common man,” Nitish asked the media. He asserted that there should be no difference in granting remission to prisoners based on to whom they had murdered. Anand Mohan was released from Sahara jail on Thursday. “The pro- vision to ‘prohibit the grant of remission to a person convicted of murdering a public servant” was neither in the Model Prison Manual released by the Centre in 2016 nor in the prison manual of any other state.

Nitish defends govt's decision,
Nitish defends govt’s decision

Such a provision existed only in Bihar. Now the state government has scrapped this provision. So what is the problem in it (sic),” Nitish asked while responding to media queries on the side- lines of a state government event organised to celebrate Civil Services Day.

Nitish’s statements come at a time when slain Gopalan district imagist- rate G Krishnagar’s wife Uma, the Central IAS Association and other asocial- actions have urged the Bihar government to reconsider its decision regarding Anand Mohan.

The former MP was serving a life sentence for his role in the 1994 murder of the then Gopalan DM, G Krishnagar, during the funeral procession of Muzaffarpur gangster Chetan Shukla. Mohan benefited from a recent amendment to the Bihar Prison Manual whereby the restriction on early release of those involved in “murder of a public servant on duty” was done away with.

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