NH turns parking lot after delays in widening project

Rudrapur : Days after the G20 conference , for which over 150 shops were demo iced along national high way 87 to make a smooth pas sage for the G20 delegates , residents have started using the cleared – up space on the highway as a parking base causing traffic jams all day long . The NHAI site engine near , Tushar Gupta , said that the tender process for phase 2 of the NH – widening project will soon be completed after which the work will begin . ” Before starting the widening work , government properties such as the SSP compound office , police station , BSNL , and municipal corporation peripheral walls will also be demo iced . We have asked the local administration to take stern action against those blocking the space , ” he said.

NH turns parking lot after,

Mayank Chauhan , a social worker , said , ” The district administration and NHAI need to take mimed ate steps to prevent such encroachment and ensure that the project is completed without further delay . We urged the authorities to take strict action against those who encroach on the high way for parking . “

Ramesh Kumar , resident , said , ” This project was a ray of hope to ease traffic congestion , but the persistent encroachment has delayed the work . The shops were demolished to create space , but people have made it a parking base . “

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