New mutation can spread bird flu among humans

London : Scientists have identified new mutations in avian influenza virus Hand , which recently infected a man in Chile , and may pose risk of spread in humans .

According to the Europe an Centre for Disease Control ( ECDC ) , the risk of spread from human to human Rema ins low but the new changes seen are ‘ concerning ‘ .

Last month , Chile’s health ministry confirmed that a 53 – year – old man has tested positive for Hand virus . The man was reported to be in serious but stable condition with severe pneumonia .

New mutation can spread,

As per officials from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , a sample of the virus isolated from the man contains two genetic mutations that are signs of adaptation to mammals , The New York Times reported .

In experimental animal studies , the mutations , both of which are in what is known as the PB2 gene , have previously been shown to help the virus replicate better in mammalian cells . The risk to the public remains low , health officials said , adding that there have been no additional human cases yet .

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