4 December 2022

New Delhi : The new adoption regulations brought out by the Central Adoption Re sources Authority lays out the process for district magistrates to issue adoption orders which earlier fell in the domain of the courts till the amended Juvenile Justice Model ( Amendment ) Rule 2022 came into force on September 1 .

With the DM getting a maximum of two months to pass the adoption orders , the regulations state that the adoption agencies will have to file an application for an order from the DM through the District Child Protection Unit within a span of 10 days of matching of the child with prospective adoptive parents . The adoption regulations 2022 also elaborate on rehab options for ” hard to place ” children .

New adoption rules detail
New adoption rules detail

With several media outlets also mir the feed on roring their Youtube channels . lakhs of people across India were treated to a first hand view of the Supreme Court at work .

When the five – judge bench headed by CJIUU Lalit walked into Court No. 1 to conclude hearings on the EWS quota , three cameras , one focussed on the judges and the other two on law yers of opposing sides , were capturing the action . In Court No. 2 , the Justice DY Chandrachud – led bench heard the issues thrown up by the Shiv Sena split and in Court No. 3 , the Justice Sanjay Kishen Kaul – headed bench was on the legal challenge to the All India Bar Examination .

Farsions of the cameras dictating courtroom optics , the judges and the lawyers seemed blissfully unaware of the live – streaming . Any one expecting intense arguments were in for a dis appointment .

Lawyers through wonkish arguments in support and opposition to the EWS quota , marshalling history , judicial precedents , socioeconomic realities and various quota policy decisions and the judges only softly interjecting occasionally , for clarifications .

But keen students of law and citizens interested in keeping abreast with matters of public importance would have been de Highted .

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