NCERT’s revision of textbooks part of ‘ saffronisation ‘ agenda : Kerala CM

Thiruvananthapuram : Kerala chief minister Pinery Vijayan on Friday strongly condemned the dropping of certain chapters and portions from NCERT class 12 textbooks and alleged that ” com plate saffronisation ” of academic books was the objective behind the move .

Historical facts cannot be denied by just cutting out portions that are income sent ( to some one ) from textbooks , he said in a Facebook post .

Excluding certain portions and chapters from the textbooks with a political motive was not only a negation of history but also a condemnable move . It is evident that the objective behind such ac tins is the ” complete saffronisation of textbooks ” , the CM added .

In the hard – hitting post , Vijayan said it was clear whose interest was being served by the omission of portions about the assassination of the Father of the Nation ‘ Mahatma Gandhi and the subsequent banning of the RSS , from the political science textbook of class 12 .

Portions about the Mughal Empire were also cut down from the history text book of the same class , he pointed out .

” The medieval history of India , excluding the Mughal Empire , is income plate , ” he said , alleging that medieval Indian history had always been an area that the Sangh Parihar had twisted and dis torte .

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