Nawaz will return , steer poll campaign : Minister

Islamabad : Pakistan’s intel for minister Rana Samael lash has said PML – N supremo and former PM Nawaz Sha riff will return from London as soon as the electoral pre elections begin .

He also made it clear that elections in the politically crucial Pun jab province will not be held on May 14 despite the supreme court’s or der and ” all – out efforts ” of the opposition Pakistan Terek e – Insafe (led by former PM Imran Khan .

An ailing Nawaz has been living in London since November 2019 for medical treatment after the high court allowed him a four – week reprieve . The 73 – year – old leader was serving a seven – year prison term in the Kit Lakh pat Jail in Lahore in the Al – Azizi corruption ca se before his departure .

Holding provincial elections has taken centre stage in Pakistani politics as Khan has been pushing for snap elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtanka provinces .

Nawaz will return , steer poll

Chairman Khan has been demanding early national elections since his ouster in April last year after he lost a confidence vote in parliament . The current term of the national assembly will complete its five – year term in August this year .

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