National Prosperity Through Modern Rural Policy – 10th OECD Rural Conference, Memphis, USA


What makes a rural community a good place to live, work, run a business, start a family and grow old? It is a whole variety of factors ‑ from the quality and accessibility of services like schools and health care to natural resources and even social trust and community leadership. Recognising this, a number of OECD countries are now implementing a range of policies to deliver rural well-being—embracing a holistic lens on rural development.

This formed the central theme of the OECD’s 12th Rural Development Conference. The Conference explored the critical drivers of rural well-being across three pillars:


Making the most of new and emerging
technologies in rural areas, enhancing innovation
and creating business and job opportunities

Addressing demographic challenges and
ensuring that rural communities are attractive to
both young and old alike

Enabling the transition of rural areas
to a low carbon economy that creates
jobs and opportunity



The 12th OECD Rural Development Conference, hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, provided an engaging forum for governments, industry, experts and community organisations to identify how rural areas can address these key issues in order to contribute to national prosperity and well-being.





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