5 December 2022

Pilibhit : The restlessness increased among residents in Naugwan Pakariya town on the outskirts of the Pilibhit district headquarters after three more deaths were reported in 1 of the area due to mystery fever since Saturday morning. The death toll has gone up to nine since the outbreak on October 1.

A 45 – year – old woman, Farana Khan, suffering from a fever since Oc tober 26, died at a private hospital in Bareilly early on Saturday morning. while a 52 – year – old man, identified as Yogendra Sharma, died at 4 am on the same day. His father, Ramautar Sharma, said Yogendra suffered from a fever for four days. He had vomited before breathing his last, he said.

Mystery fever claims 3 more lives
Mystery fever claims 3 more lives

One of the locals alleged, ” No steps were taken by the district administration towards the maintenance of pure drinking water supply to around 3,000 households in the area despite the presence of an overhead water tank, pump house, and the connectivity of half of the households with drinking water pipeline. “

Chief medical officer ( CMO ) Dr. Alok Kumar observed that in the complete lack of the government water supply for drinking in the area, the people were using the contaminated water from hand pumps having a shallow bore of merely 40 to 50 feet. ” A polluted and dirty water body stretched a kilometer’s length just adjacent to the town area could be the prime source of the drinking water’s contamination leading to the bacteria-borne fever or typhoid, ” the CMO said.

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