8 December 2022

Hyderabad : The Muslim community uses family planning tools, and condoms the most in order to maintain a gap between two children, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has claimed.

He was responding to RSS chief Mohan Bhag wat’s recent population imbalance remark.

In his address at a public meeting here, Owaisi said Bhagwat will not mention this, and he should keep data before discussing population growth.

“Muslim population is not increasing. Don’t have any tension about that. Our population is declining … Muslims ‘ children’s TFR ( total fertility rate ) is declining. Do you know who is maintaining more spacing between two children? Muslims are maintained.

Who is using condoms the most? This is to inform you that we are using. Mohan Bhagwat will not talk about it, ” Owai si said.

Muslims use condoms the most,
Muslims use condoms the most,

Bhagwat on October 5 said India should have a population policy prepared after comprehensive thought and be applicable to all communities equally.

At the RSS Dussehra rally at the Reshimbagh Ground in Nagpur, Bhag wat had said community-based population imbalance is an important subject and should not be ignored. Population imbalances lead to changes in geographical boundaries.

” I am informing the truth. ( Bhagwat says ) The population is increasing. Where is it increasing Bhagwat Saab? You keep data and speak, ” The Hydera bad MP further said.

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