MS Dhoni’s Love for Candy Crush Saga Sparks Social Media Trend

Former Indian cricket captain M.S. Dhoni possesses a unique power to make anything trend. A delightful video featuring Dhoni has recently caught the attention of Twitter users, reigniting the popularity of the mobile game Candy Crush Saga. This unexpected development has left fans amused and excited about their favorite cricketer’s gaming preferences.

The Viral Video:

A video shared by Nitika Jaiswal, an air hostess, showcased a memorable encounter with MS Dhoni during a flight. Jaiswal offered Dhoni a set of treats, and he graciously accepted one while returning the rest. In the video, Jaiswal expressed her admiration for Dhoni, referring to him as her “all-time crush” and praising his down-to-earth nature.

MS Dhoni's Love for Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga Takes Center Stage:

Keen-eyed viewers noticed that Dhoni was engrossed in playing Candy Crush Saga on an iPad when approached by Jaiswal. This observation quickly sparked the hashtag #CandyCrush on Twitter, as fans took to the platform to express their joy at seeing their beloved cricketer indulging in the game. The incident has resulted in the revival of interest in the once-under-famous game, leading to a surge of amusing memes and discussions.

Dhoni’s Gaming Habits:

This is not the first time Dhoni’s gaming habits have garnered attention. In a video shared by the Chennai Super Kings in 2021, Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi Singh, revealed his passion for gaming. She mentioned that Dhoni finds solace in video games like Call of Duty and PUBG, providing a means to divert his attention from other matters and engage his active mind.

Dhoni’s Venture into Film Production:

Apart from his cricketing career, MS Dhoni is venturing into the Tamil film industry as a producer. His debut production, titled “Let’s Get Married,” has generated significant excitement among both cricket and cinema enthusiasts. The romantic comedy stars popular young actors Harish Kalyan and Ivana in lead roles, with debutant filmmaker Ramesh Thamilmani directing the film.

Anticipation for “Let’s Get Married”:

MS Dhoni’s entry into film production has created a buzz among his fans, who eagerly await the release of “Let’s Get Married.” The film, produced under the banner of MS Dhoni Entertainment Pvt Ltd (DEPL), promises to be an entertaining and engaging cinematic experience.


The power of MS Dhoni’s popularity is evident in how a simple video featuring him playing Candy Crush Saga has led to a social media trend. Fans are delighted to witness their favorite cricketer’s gaming habits and eagerly anticipate his debut as a producer with “Let’s Get Married.” MS Dhoni continues to captivate the hearts of millions, both on and off the cricket field, showcasing his multifaceted persona and everlasting charm.

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