5 December 2022

Dehradun Uttarakhand has become the first state to introduce the National Education Policy ( NEP ) 2020 in primary and higher education sectors, but experts say – the availability of books on the curriculum and the acute shortage of teachers for skill development courses will affect its implementation in the state.

The state launched the NEP 2020 in higher education for the 2022-23 academic session on October 17, while the policy was introduced at the primary level in July.

” Based on guidelines of the new policy, schools are developing their own curriculum for classes 1 and 2. The government has not shared any books yet. Though the policy has been launched, nothing much has been done for its implementation, ” said Prem Kashyap, president of the Principals ‘ Progressive School Association which has over 200 members.

At Srinagar – based Garhwal University, the state’s premier central university, there is a serious dearth of teachers, especially for skill development courses. “

Missing teachers, books mar working
Missing teachers, books mar working

Officials at the university said while the new academic session was yet to start, they were getting a good number of students from across the country through the common university entrance test.

” The curriculum framework had been designed a while back. So, making it available for students or teachers will not be an issue. The real challenge is the nonavailability of faculty for the specialized skill courses, ” said the dean of students welfare of one of the three university campuses. He said at least 80 teachers were required to cover all value-added and skill-enhancement courses. Notably, the lack of specialized faculty is a major problem with almost all state universities and colleges.

While the director general of education could not be reached for a comment, a senior higher education department official said the changes in the system were being rolled out in a phased manner.

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