8 December 2022

Berhampur: A 72 – year – old man of Odisha’s Puri district was united with his family after almost 23 years since he disappeared in the 1999 super cyclone that devastated the coastal state, uprooted families, and upended many lives. Kirti Chandra Baral was found in a Missionaries of Charity ( MOC ) shelter in Ber hamper, where he was for the past two months.

His sons and a brother came to Berhampur to take him back to his village, Pati gaon in Nimapara block, on Sunday evening. ” My mother was overjoyed to see him after 23 years, ” said Seshadeb Baral, 43, one of his sons. ” He can now recall more after meeting his family. ” The family had as summed that he had died in the cyclone that killed around 10,000 people in the state. ” We had searched for him everywhere, but could not find him. We assumed the worst, ” Sesh adeb said. ” We rushed to bring him back after Nimapara police told us about him on Saturday. “

Missing man united with kin
Missing man united with kin

A councilor in Visakha patnam, Andhra Pradesh, found Baral in 2012 – sick and lying on the roadside. He handed him over to the city’s MOC for treatment. After two years, he could reveal the names of his state and district. He was shifted to MOC’s Nirmala Hrudaya Bhawan, Srikaku lam, for better communication and to identify his specific location, sources said. After some time, Baral could recall the name of his village, said a volunteer who treated him.

Baral was shifted from Srikakulam to Berhampur after he told authorities that his home was in the Puri district.

MOC officials contacted West Bengal Radio HAM ( Help Always Mankind ), which works to reunite missing people with their families. ” One of the HAM members got in touch with the local police station, ” said Sajam Joseph of MOC, West Bengal, who was here to see him off Sunday.

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