5 December 2022

Karachi: A Pakistani court on Thursday did not allow a Hindu girl to leave a shelter home and go with her parents despite medical tests confirming that she was 16 years old when forcibly abducted, converted to Islam, and married her abductor, in Sindh province. The girl was abducted on August 12 from Sindh’s Hyderabad city and was recovered and sent to a safe home on October 20 altering a court ruling. The court ordered a medical examination to determine the girl’s age as her alleged husband submitted a marriage certificate showing that she was 19 years of age. But medical tests confirmed she was 16 years old.

minor Hindu girl leave shelter home
minor Hindu girl leave shelter home

The court ruled on Thurs day that the girl will remain at the shelter home under the supervision of the local administration until the next hearing on October 31, as it needed to look further into the matter. According to her parents and their lawyer, the police did not file a case until September after which police and human rights officials recovered her from Balochistan and brought her back to Hyderabad. She was kept in a shelter home as her alleged husband filed a case against her parents.

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