May proves disastrous for Panchkula, as first week’s Covid caseload equals tally for March


As Covid-19 cases continue to surge across the country, Panchkula has reported more than 3,700 new cases within the first week of May. The district had taken two weeks to report 3,500 cases in April and had seen 3,200 cases in March.

Even during its first peak, Panchkula had recorded a total of 5,179 positive cases in September averaging to 172.6 each day.

An average of 528 cases were reported each day this past week. The average number of cases per day had come down to its lowest in February and had stood at 14.

The distrct test positivity rate remains highest amid the Tricity and much above state and national average, hovering around 25 per cent each day.

The virus- related deaths in the district have also seen a huge rise. As per official figures given out by the health department, the number of deaths in the first week of May have already crossed fatalities recorded in April.

As many as 69 record Covid related deaths have taken place in May, as compared to 54 in April. However, the officially reported numbers have been contested by those present at the Cremation grounds of Panchkula, who state that 15 people were cremated as per covid protocol in March and almost 200 in April. As per details from the crematorium, 134 pyres have been burnt as per Covid protocol in Panchkula in the first week of May.

Meanwhile, active cases have stabilised around 2,500.

“Protocol fatigue is one of the prime reasons for the increase in number of cases which led to the second wave. Protocol was strength and guard against the virus. As we forgot our masks, began huge gatherings, forgot to wash hands and sanitise, the cases rose- as they were anyway expected to. A second wave was bound to happen and was very well predicted,” said Dr Manoj Verma, treating Covid patients at the civil hospital.

Further pointing out the rise despite measures including lockdown, he said, “A lack of effective implementation of orders issued by the district including those in containment zones and at field level is a prime reason that cases continue to rise. As for the effect of lockdown to be seen, it will take another week at least, for the cases to go down if the lockdown has been successful. A week’s buffer is the norm as the cases that had already been affected are testing positive now, but a stop in the spread will only be visible later.”

The only way, to stop the virulent virus mutant from spreading is to follow all covid appropriate norms rigorously, he further said.





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