Market Examinations in Mexico: A manual by the OECD Secretariat




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10 December 2016


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The economy as a whole benefits when markets are competitive, when buyers have the option to choose between different suppliers and when there is competition between suppliers. More competition in the markets translates into higher productivity and more economic growth. Identifying and then strengthening competition in markets that do not function well is imperative for higher productivity.

In December 2014, Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and the OECD signed an agreement to help Mexico strengthen its competitiveness through competition.

In this context, this manual on market examinations in Mexico provides guidance, based on international best practices, on how to carry out an inquiry or examination into a particular market when there is a suspicion or indication that a market is not functioning well. It explains what market examinations are as well as their purposes, intended outcomes and substantive content.

Although the manual describes the Mexican experience, it could be used as a non-binding proactive tool to be applied on a case-by-case basis on a standardised and flexible framework that seeks to provide greater clarity to procedures used in market examinations.


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