Locals aided ultras in Pooch ambush’

Srinagar: Last week’s terror attack in Pooch that killed five soldiers had active local sup- port, J&K police chief Tulbagh Singh said Fri- day, adding six such abettors had been arrested so far. The support included providing shelter, logistics and drone-dropped arms — including steel-coated armour-piercing bullets and ex- plosives from Pakistan to inflict maximum 1 damage on the army vehicle in the April 20 am- bush, the DGP said.

Locals aided ultras in,
Locals aided ultras in

“Such attacks can’t be carried out without local support. The terrorists were provided shelter at one place and trans- port to carry out the attack at another. They had done a proper recce of the area and despite rain, succeeded in targeting the army vehicle plying with almost zero speed due to a blind turn,” the DGP said after reviewing search operations in Armoury district.

Singh added that nine to 12 foreign terrorists may be active in the Armoury- Pooch area after having infiltrated recently. The terrorists in Pooch had probably used natural hideouts in the forested patch before the attack.

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