5 December 2022

Bengaluru: A little-known outfit Islamic Resistance Council ( IRC ) has reportedly claimed responsibility for the Mangaluru blast on November 19, saying one of its ‘ Muja hid brother Mohammed Sha riq ‘ attempted to attack a ‘ Hindutva Temple in Kadri. ‘

The outfit also warned Additional Director General of Police ( Law and Order ) Alok Kumar.

” As for those rejoicing at the arrest of the brother, especially the likes of Alok Kumar, we say ‘ Your joy will be short-lived and you shall reap the fruits of your oppression soon. We have you in our sights and it is just a matter of what and not if we will get to you, ” it said.

Little-known outfit IRC
Little-known outfit IRC

Alok Kumar said the police are verifying the genuineness of the organization.

” We the Islamic Resistance Council ( IRC ) would like to convey the message: One of our Mujahid brothers Mo hammed Shariq attempted to attack the Hindutva Temple in Kadri ( in Dakshina Kanna da district ), a bastion of the Saffron terrorists in Mangaluru, ” read the message, which has gone viral in social media. ” Although this operation didn’t meet its objectives, we still consider it a success from a tradecraft and tactics point of view as the brother in spite of being wanted and being pursued by the state and central intelligence agencies, was not only able to successfully evade them but even prepared and mounted an attack, ” it said.

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