5 December 2022

Kyrgyzstan on Sunday unilaterally cancelled joint military drills K Security Treaty Organisation ( CSTO ), less than a day before they were due to start on its territory. The Kyrgyz defence ministry did not specify the reason for cancelling the exercises, which were set to be held from Monday to Friday. According to reports, the exercises were set to involve army personnel from CSTO members Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and focus on securing ceasefires. Observers from five further states, including Serbia, Syria and Uzbekistan, had also been invited.

Kyrgyzstan cancels Russia led
Kyrgyzstan cancels Russia – led

The move is the latest indication that tensions may be simmering within the alliance. Last month, Armenia skipped a two-week drill held by the collective in Kazakhstan, after criticising the bloc for failing to openly side with it after fighting erupted with non-member Azerbaijan in September.

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