Kerala’s rice-eating tusker ‘Arikomban’ tranquilised

Idukki: Kerala forest officials on Saturday traced Kerala’s rice-eating tusker ‘Arikomban’ in Idukki district and tranquilised it for relocation following High Court directions. The rice-eating tusker has been frequently straying into human settlements at Chinnakanal and Santhanpara panchayats here. Forest officials fired at least three shots to tranquilise the animal. The first shot was fired at around noon.

Kerala's rice-eating tusker,
Kerala’s rice-eating tusker

The forest officials along with four Kumkum elephants are involved in process of guiding the tusker to get into a truck which will be later transported to another location.

Kumis are captive elephants trained for use in trapping and capturing wild elephants. Meanwhile, State Forest Minister A K Saseendran said the elephant will be let inside the forest. “The forest officials and others have done a wonderful job. Now, the main job left is to take the animal in the truck and let it open in deep forest at a location as directed by the High Court,” Saseendran The Minister, however, did not disclose the location where the elephant will be translocated.

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