Kerala up in arms against movie ‘The Kerala Story’

Kochi/Typogram: Left-governed Kerala on Friday signalled possible legal action against The Kerala Story, casting the movie about so-called “Love Jihad” and brain- washed girls joining the Islamic State (IS) as “an attempt to incite riots” and a “Sangh Parihar conspiracy to implement its agenda in the state”.

Kerala up in arms against,
Kerala up in arms against

Hinting at the legal steps, culture minister Sajid Cherian urged people to boycott the movie, saying it aims to show the state in a bad light. “People of all religions live in harmony here,” Cherian said.

The Sudip to Sen-directed film tells the story of a group of girls from Kerala allegedly converted to Islam and recruited to ISIS. The film — in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam — releases across the country on May 5.

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