4 December 2022

Dehradun : During the ongoing brainstorming camp ( Chintan shiver ) of the state government at Mussoorie, chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami directed chief secretary S S Sandhu to ensure that the annual confidential report ( ACR ) of bureaucrats is evaluated more strictly than being done now.

The move was initiated with the view to ” make Uttarakhand one of the best states by 2025 and to improve the functioning of the officers. Stressing the need to make sure that work gets done without officials creating excuses, Dhami on Tuesday said, ” Officers and departments need to leave the habit of passing the buck to each other and get into the ” mindset of helping people by making processes easier for them. ” The CM pointed out that there needs to be a mention in the ACR about the work assigned to an officer and how and when it was completed. ” The evaluation would be done considering the performance of the officer for the next year and on basis of it, the ACR would be written, ” said Dhami.

Kautilya Singh Don't pass
Kautilya Singh Don’t pass

Files, which move from the lower level, reach me and the chief secretary. Often it has been seen that most of the officers make a similar remark in these files. The officers need to do the homework and give their opinion on matters, ” the CM said.

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