K ‘taka’s Nandini won’t merge with Maul ‘

Karnataka Bengaluru : cooperation minister ST So mishear dismissed Sun day speculation that the the state’s dairy brand Nandini could be merged with Gujarat – based Maul , the top milk cooperative that has made an aggressive sales pitch in the southern state .

Somashekar said there’s no power that can ” erase ” Nandini as it has a strong foundation , and the Karna taka Milk Federation ( KMF ) is ready to sell milk at R 39 a litre . ” All 15 milk unions un der the KMF are making a profit and do not require any support . The Nandini brand is renowned the world over .

When Union cooperation minister Amit Shah came to Mandy , he had suggested that Nandini take the assist acne of Maul for market expansion and technology us age . There is no proposal to merge the brands , ” he said .

Somashekar’ s comments were in response to opposition parties accusing the BJP government of plot ting to destroy KMF’s Nandi- in brand to let Maul monoi- ollies the market . Congress MP Shashi Taroof said : ” I would say it would be better if Nandini starts exporting to more states . Karnataka cannot be too protectionist as it would not be good for our national economy . ” But the milk producers ‘ concerns cannot be ignored , he said .

Opposition leader Siddha Ramaiah had questioned PM Narendra Modi whether the Centre was planning to sub some Nandini with the end try of Maul .

” Are we the enemies of Gujarat is ? State’s milk pro duction has been affected since the day Union Cooper tie minister Amit Shah spoke about the possibility of KMR and Maul merger … ” he had tweeted .

According to minister Somashekar , there’s no plan to use the Gujarat model either to strengthen the Nandini brand .

He said Nandini is pro curing milk from 25 to 26 lakh dairy farmers in the state and there’s no intent to create any artificial scarcity . ” Everyone knows that during the summer , milk pro duction decreases . No matter who the competitor is , KMF and milk unions under it are competent to fight it out in the market , ” Smash ear said .

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