Jail official let Atif henchmen rain torture inside barrack ‘

Lucknow : After nearly a decade Mohammad Zaid Khalid ( 38 ) is having peaceful sleep for the last three nights even though he suffers from constant mild headache due to nerve damage near his neck caused by brutal assault . Back in November 2018 , Zaid was abducted during his morning walk in Dhoomanganj area of Prayagraj by henchmen of Atif Ahmed and was brought to Deo ria district jail , where Ahmed was lodged then .

At the door of the district jail , I was introduced as a family member of Atif to the cops on duty by his henchmen . Atif was sitting on a chair along with one senior jail official near a raised platform of concrete . As soon as I was brought in front of Ate , he said something to the jail official in an amusing way , following which the official left the area with a laugh . I was then taken into the barrack where Atif was lodged .

Jail official let Atif henchmen

As soon the jail cops locked the barrack from outside , Atif’s henchman hanged me upside down from the ceiling and began to assault me with sticks and belts , ” said Zaid who got into real estate business in 2013 , but shift end to dairy business due to constant torture and alleged death threats from Atif . Zaid claimed that he paid around Rest 50 lakh to Atif over the period of a few years . However , after he bought a BMW on a bank loan , Atif’s henchmen brought him to Deoriajai 1. ” I had bought the car on EMIs , but Atif was not ready to accept the fact .

I had to sell the BMW in just a month at a loss of Rest 10 lakh and paid 50 % of the amount to Atif . In the assault inside Deloria jail , one of the nerves near my neck was damaged , due to which I suffer from a constant headache . But after his death , I have slept peacefully , ” said Zaid .

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