It’s ‘Maun Ki Bat’ over Adani, China issues: Cong

New Delhi: The Congress Tuesday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public relation machinery was “working overtime” for the 100th episode of his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Bat’ while accusing him of being silent on crucial issues such as Adani and China. The ‘Mann Ki Bat’ programme is set to complete its 100th edition next Sunday, with PM saying it was public support that led to the success of his radio address.

According to a survey by the Indi- an Institute of Management-Rohtak, nearly 23 crore people tune in to the ‘Mann Ki Bat’ programme with 65% of listeners preferring to hear the talk in Hindi. In

It's 'Maun Ki Bat' over,
It’s ‘Maun Ki Bat’ over

tweet, Congress General Secretary, communications, Gairam Ramesh said, “The PM’s mighty PR machine is working over- time to herald the 100th ‘Mann Ki Bat’ on April 30th. Meanwhile, it is ‘Maun Ki Bat’ as far as Adani, China, Satya- pal Malik revelations, MSME destruction and other crucial issues are concerned.”

The survey found that 73% of respondents felt optimistic about the government’s working and the country’s progress, while 58% said their living conditions have improved.

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