29 November 2022

Itaewon , the neighbourhood where scores of people were killed in a Halloween crowd surge, functions as the hub of central Seoul. By day, serves as a traffic and logistics nexus ever since invading forces like the Mongols and Japanese stationed their troops there. By night, Itaewon bustles as a premier entertainment zone, pulsing with stylish bars and restaurants, young patrons and foreign tourists.

Itaewon hosted a US army base
Itaewon hosted a US army base

Itaewon is Seoul’s most internationalised and liberal sed neighbourhood. It is part of the Yongsan district, which once hosted the US ‘ main military base in South Korea. The American troops who led the UN forces to defend South Korea during the Korean War stayed on, building their post-war headquarters there.

Under an agreement with South Korea, the US military relocated its headquarters to a new base south of Seoul. Italy . won has lost most of its American military patrons, reinventing itself as a major attraction for young South Koreans. In recent months, President Yoon Suk Yeol moved his office to the defence ministry building making the ministry move to another building in Yongsan.

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