Israeli police raid Al – Aqsa , rockets fired from Gaza

Jerusalem : Israeli police entered Jerusalem’s Al – Aqsa mosque in force on Wednesday to try to clear groups it said were barricaded inside , leading to clashes with worse hoppers and triggering an ex change of cross border fire with Gaza . The incident , du ring the Muslim holy month of Ramzan and on the eve of the Jewish Passover , came amid fears that tensions built up during a year of escalate ting violence could be Unless heed at the Al – Aqsa mosque , a flashpoint site in the Israeli Palestinian conflict .

Palestinian militants fi red at least nine rockets from Gaza into Israel overnight , prompting air strikes from Israel which hit what it said were weapon production sites for the Islamist group Ha mas , which controls the blockaded coastal enclave .

Hamas did not claim re responsibility for the rocket at tacks but said that those who carried them out were responding to the Israeli raid on Al – Aqsa , where clashes in 2021 set off a 10 – day war with Gaza . As day broke , with international efforts under way to de escalate the situation , ten son appeared to have settled in the mosque compound .

The Al – Aqsa compound in Jerusalem’s Old City , is Is lam’s third holiest site and tens of thousands come to pray there during Ramzan .

Jews revere the same site as Temple Mount , a vestige of the first two biblical Jewish temples . The Palestinian Red Crescent said 12 Palestinians had sustained wounds du ring the raid . PM Netanyahu said Israel was working to calm the situation , which he said had been caused by ” ex termites ” who barricaded

themselves inside the mosque buildings with weapons , stones and fireworks .

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