29 November 2022

Islamabad : In an unusual move, Islamabad police on Saturday barred hotels and guest houses in the federal capital from providing accommodation to the participants of the long march led by former Pakistan premier Imran Khan to force the government to announce a date for early general elections.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ( PEMRA ) has also directed television channels not to live telecast leader’s speeches and the long march, according to its notification of October 28. The PEMRA said it was observed during a speech that ” statements against the state institutions were aired live ” in violation of the code of conduct and court orders.

Islamabad hotels told not to let
Islamabad hotels told not to let

It warned that legal action, leading to suspensions and revocation of licenses, would be initiated in case of non – compliance. Khan has said no one can stop the PTT’s long march, adding his supporters must wait for his next decision when he reaches Islamabad.

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