International police op busts dark web market

London : International law enforcement agencies have seized a sprawling dark web marketplace popular with cy criminal , Britain’s National Crime Agency ( NCA ) said on Wednesday , in a multi national crackdown dubbed ‘ Operation Cookie Monster ‘ .

A banner plastered across Genesis Market’s site late on Tuesday said domains Belo in to the organisation had been seized by the FBI . Logos of other European , Canadian , and Australian police organic- station were also emblazoned across the site , along with that of cybersecurity firm Quintal .

The NCA estimated that the service hosted about 80 million credentials and digital fingerprints stolen from over two million people . It said 17 countries were involved in the operation , led by the FBI and Dutch National Police and had resulted in 120 arrests , over 200 searches and almost 100 pieces of ” preventative activity ” .

International police op busts

Genesis was specialised in the sale of digital products , especially ” browser fingerprint tsp. ” harvested from computers infected with malicious soft ware , said Louise Ferret , an analyst . Because those finger prints often include credentials , cookies , internet protocol addresses and other details , they can be used to bypass anti – fraud solutions such as multi – factor authentication or de vice fingerprinting , she said .

The site had been active since 2018. The NCA said Gene sis had operated by selling crew details from $ 0.7 to hundreds of dollars depending on the stolen data available .

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