29 November 2022

Dehradun : Despite the Indian government’s advisory to ” immediately leave war-torn Ukraine following an escalation in attacks by Russia “, over 1,500 Indian students, who went back a few months ago, are refusing to leave, saying they want to complete their studies in Ukraine, even if that means they have to ” come back in coffins. “

” We are not going to leave after returning here just a few months ago, having faced all sorts of odds. We will only go back to India after completing our studies or in coffins, in case we die in the ongoing turmoil, ” said one of the students in Ukraine, who agreed to be identified only by his last name, Sharma . The students say they have ” no other option ” but to remain there because the Indian government had already made it clear they won’t be able to accommodate them in medical institutions back in the country.

Indian students refuse to leave
Indian students refuse to leave

” The National Medical Commission ( NMC ), which monitors medical education in India, has said they won’t allow a degree obtained through online classes. Due to all these factors, we were left with no option but to go back to Ukraine to complete the course offline, ” Sharma said. Another student, who identified himself as Singh, said, ” We had come here around three months ago from India after taking a flight for Rs 70,000, which in normal circumstances, is less than half the amount. “

Ashish Nautiyal, a medical student who is attending online classes from home in Uttarakhand, said, ” We are waiting for November 1, when the Supreme Court will hear a petition by some of the students, urging the government to declare the online medical studies ‘ valid ‘. “

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