India attaches special importance to SCO ‘

New Delhi : At a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ( SCO ) chaired by home min aster Amit Shah here on Thursday , India emphasised its priority in the region is to ensure an environment of se city and respect for saver eighty & integrity besides economic cooperation among member states .

Shah said that it is a matter of pride that India is donning the mantle of the chair of the SCO Council of Heads of State for the very first time since becoming a full – fledged member state in 2017. ” India’s priority as the chair of the Council is to take forward the SECURE theme articulated by PM Narendra Modi at the Qingdao Summit of the SCO in 2018 , which means , S – Se city , E – Economic Cooperation , C – Connectivity , U – Uni ty , ” the home minister added .

India attaches special importance ,
India attaches special importance

He said that India attaches special importance to the SCO in promoting dialogue on the subject relating to multi – dimensional political , security and economic issues . The home minister reminded the gathering that SCO , probably , is the largest regional organisation in the world at this time , representing 40 % of the global population , 25 % of the global GDP and 22 % of the world’s total land area . He said it is a perfect international platform for harmonies in cooperation with all member countries .

The minister , who was chairing a meeting of heads of departments of SCO count tries responsible for prevent tin and elimination of emergency situations ( disaster mitigation ) , said New Delhi attaches special importance to Disaster Risk Reduction ( DRR ) and is ready to share its expertise and experience in this field for greater Cooper tin and mutual trust among SCO members .

Shah said the New Delhi meeting will open up new avenues of cooperation among member countries while assuring India’s commitment in enhancing the role of SCO in the world forum .

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