How to Make a Career in Acting


Have you ever stood in front of a mirror enacting a scene from your favorite movie?

Have you ever visualized yourself making the acceptance speech with an Oscar in your hand? I’m sure many of us have done that. But like a popular star of Bollywood quips, it’s not just talent, its’ also a matter of chance and that not all the talented ones get such chance. Hence, it becomes very crucial for the enthusiasts to avail themselves of the opportunities that come their way. In such situations, online talent communities are blessings in disguise for the talented people worldwide.

Here are three simple steps to make a career in acting:

RUB: Record – Upload – Build network


Do not waste your talent. Select a movie scene (or just any drama or theatrical) that gives you scope to show your acting skills. Memorize the lines and understand the nuances of enacting the scene, such as costume, make-up, voice modulation, etc. Seek the help of a friend in recording the scene OR use a camera with the stand and adjust the focus, lighting, volume, etc. beforehand. Ensure you have good quality recording else your talent would go unnoticed. Rehearse the dialogues and go for a test run. If you are satisfied with the result, go for the final shot.


This is the most crucial step in the process. Select talent sites that have specific category dedicated to acting or your video will be buried under thousands of irrelevant videos on the site. Make sure the site is not the regular video sharing site but an exclusive talent portal.

Build network:

A famous business tycoon once said, selling a product without advertising is like winking at a beautiful lady in the dark. She will never know you winked! You are trying to sell your talent so advertise. Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates and everyone you know to watch your talent and keep circulate it within their network. You never know. All roads may lead to Rome but your network could lead you to stardom!

Good luck.






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