How fast – acting fishermen swarmed Keshia attacker

Wakayama ( Japan ) : As so on as Tsutomu Kenisha noticed an object that flew over his head and landed near PM Fumio Keshia at a campaign event at this fishing port , he and a group of other fish her men swarmed the man who officials later identified as a suspect in the attack .

As a security officer cove red the object with a bullet proof briefcase , one of the fishermen grabbed the man’s neck from behind , another pushed his head down , and Kenisha latched onto his leg .

How fast – acting fishermen

They were holding the man as police officers pulled him to the ground . A few moments later Saturday there was an explosion , the crowd fleeing in panic as officers dragged away the suspect , a manway- ring a silver backpack .

The team effort by the fishermen in this close – knit community has created a buzz on Japan’s social media , prompting many to wonder if they were plainclothes police officers . Perfect security may be difficult , but ” at a time when Japan’s serving PM waves ting , perhaps we may have ne deed a metal detector , ” Kenisha said . Police arrested 24 – year – old Ryuji Nakamura onus k.prospicion of throwing a metal tube explosive at Keshia .

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