How Far Have You Come Baby? Especially In Sports Memorabilia And Collectibles!


There is always something special about time! Some think it is ageless, some think it is special, some think it will never end! Some will even say,”What time is it?”

Time is time! And what you do with your time is up to you! The title above is “How Far Have You’ve Come Baby? Along Way Baby,” and if you do not remember that famous quote, it comes from a t.v. advertisement that sold cigarettes.

It’s funny how some say time fly’s and all of a sudden it’s here! History has gone by pretty fast, but it was all part of time which brings us to the future right now! The question for you or me is how do we connect to that time to this time in history?

That’s where collectibles come into being a important aspect of time! Whatever is collected can almost pinpoint a time in history. That is why collectibles are and can be very valuable in the future!

Collectibles tell a story, sometimes a very important story! For instance the time of the great Roman Empire, what if you had some collectible item from that period of time? I think depending on that item, you could be holding something very important and valuable in this period of time.

There are many items that people choose to collect, some choose coins, which can be gold or silver coins, some choose paper money, some choose postal stamps, some choose famous paintings, some choose old books,including comic books and magazines.

In this great period of time in history, a lot of people are connected to sports and their favorite team whether it be college sports, high school sports, or professional sports. People wear team jerseys, team caps, and also people get the game balls, and other important items pertaining to the game or the team they love.

The beautiful bonus that comes along with this, if these items are signed or autographed by their favorite player, then it’s truly something that is valuable and important and special!

There was a lady that wrote to the President of the United States this year, and he wrote back to her, she ended up selling that important letter to a collectible dealer that paid her about $7,500 dollars!

Imagine that! A free letter that was attained by this woman to the tune of $ 7,500 dollars! No telling how much that free letter will be worth in the future!

The point here is that in this time period of history people love their sports team, and they show how much they do by wearing the team sports jersey, the team caps and supporting them by attending the games or watching them on T.V.

Whether you are a football fan or baseball fan or basketball fan or hockey and soccer fan, I’m pretty sure you can get a hold of your favorite football cards, Baseball cards, Basketball cards, As well as hockey and soccer cards.

Sports memorabilia is one of the most important elements in this time, especially if your favorite player will give you a signed or autographed jersey or team cap, signed baseball, signed football, or whatever item that will connect you to this time in history.

Just remember you do not have to go directly to the favorite player to get a signed autographed item, they have places such as sports auctions, and memorabilia stores you can get your sports merchandise from.

So if you decide to spend your time with your favorite team, then maybe in this time period, sports was very important and valuable and special to you in this time of your life.

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