29 November 2022

Bijnor : Amangarh Tiger Reserve ( ATR ) has witnessed a rise in the population of vultures, from 141 last year to 165 now, according to a three-day survey, said forest officials.

The officials said that ” conservation efforts have yielded desired results “. Bijnor di visional forest officer Anil Kumar Patel said, ” A three-day census was carried out from November 16 to 18, which revealed 143 Griffin vultures and 22 baby vultures in Amangarh Tiger Reserve area as compared to 141 sighted in the 2021 survey . “

However, there has been a sharp overall decline in the vulture population, except for a few species like the Griffon vulture, which is included in the ‘ near threatened ‘ category of the IUCN Red List but has a stable population.

Himalayan Griffon vulture numbers
Himalayan Griffon vulture numbers

Griffon vultures reside in the higher reaches of the Himalayas.

As the herbivores descend onto the plains with the advent of winter, these predatory birds also move to the West UP wetlands, Amangarh Tiger Reserve being one of the favorite spots due to plenty of carcasses. The officials said that these vultures migrate to the plains every winter due to extreme conditions in the Himalayas. ” The rise in the number of vultures is a good sign as they are scavengers of the forest, ” an official said.

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