5 December 2022

Kolkata : The Calcutta high court has summoned West Bengal’s education secretary Manish Jain at 10.30 am on Thursday to answer questions related to the School Service Commission’s ( SSC ) affidavit, proposing to accommodate il legally appointed teachers who might lose jobs against the supernumerary posts created by the state government. The court wants to know on whose instructions the SSC submitted the affidavit.

HC directs CBI probe
HC directs CBI probe

Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay on Wednesday directed the CBI to initiate a probe into the SSC application and find out who prodded the commission to make such an ” ingenious effort “. The court directed the investigating agency to submit its report within a week. ” I prima facie find this is a Benami application. The commission has been put on the front while some others are pulling the strings from behind. Justices Gangopadhyay observed.

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