8 December 2022

Dehradun: In the wake of the Ankita Bhandari murder case , the Uttarakhand government has decided to create a ‘ rule manual ‘ to ensure the safety of women working in hotels and resorts .

Govt to make rules
Govt to make rules

” The tourism department will come up with a strict set of norms to ensure the safety of women working in hotels , resorts and guest houses . Directions have been given to authorities regarding this , ” tourism minister Satpal Maharaj said . He added that a de tailed record of female employees at hotels , resorts , and guest houses would be maintained . ” This is a serious is sue and we will ensure justice for the girl’s family , ” the minister said . Meanwhile , CM Dhami directed authorities to ” keep an eye on people coming from other states ” . He said , ” It has to be ensured that locals do not face problems due to demographic changes . ” Dhami had earlier announced that he would collect regular updates on action tak en on resorts built on government properties from the police and district authorities .

In another development , the Uttarakhand government declared that Mondays will be treated as ” no – meeting days ” in the state secretariat . It has allotted the 10 am – 1 pm slot for officials to hear public grievances . In addition to monthly reports on illegal constructions , the CM has directed all districts to hand over monthly and quarterly review re ports of the overall law and order situation to the government .

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