29 November 2022

New Delhi : Asserting that scams and taking bribes have become a norm under the AAP government in Delhi , BJP on Thursday once again alleged that the Arvind Kejriwal – led government had provided undue financial benefits to power distribution companies (discoms) by robbing benefits meant for electricity consumers .

” Taking commissions in every scheme has become a habit of the Arvind Kejriwal government . Whether it is distribution of liquor , purchase of buses , or now the issue of waving debts to electricity supply companies , the Kejriwal government has taken huge commissions , ” BJP spokesperson Syed Zafar Islam said at a press conference here on Thursday .

 Govt Has Become Norm : BJP
Govt Has Become Norm : BJP

BJP accused the AAP government of going back on its decision to audit power discoms and extending undue benefits to them . ” In 2016 , the AAP cabinet decided to conduct annual audits of discoms but it never happened , ” he added . Zafar also alleged that the Delhi government appointed AAP leaders on the boards of two discoms and gave them undue benefits even as they owed Rs 21,000 crore to it .

BJP has continued to attack the AAP government following a probe ordered by Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena into alleged irregularities in the Kejriwal government’s power subsidy scheme . ” Kejriwal used to say that the power distribution companies were thieves and he will replace them . Today , Kejriwal doing corruption by putting his people in the same companies . Now the people of Delhi should decide who is lying , ” Zafar said .

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