2 June 2023

Panaji: The Golden Globe Race winner, Kirsten Neuschäfer, held the Indian Tri- colour as a banner of triumph for Abhilash Tommy when he sailed in second, but Neuschäfer’ s welcome made grace and mutual respect the real victors. South Africa’s Neuschäfer and To- my hugged in France’s choppy Les Sables d’Alene channel, signalling an end to their implacable, exhausting, and uncompromising battle.

Neuschäfer sailed out early Saturday morning to welcome and escort Tommy, the first runner-up. Wearing a grey windcheater and holding the Indian Trico- lour, Neuschäfer joined Team Bayan at to accompany Tommy as he made his way into the channel.

GGR winner greets Tomy,
GGR winner greets Tomy

“I am excited. Abhilash has been a formidable competitor and opponent who has kept me on my toes,” Neuschäfer . “It has been a real honour to be in this race with him,” she said before boarding Tommy’s boat.

Neuschäfer boarded the Bayonet, still holding the Indian flag, to laud the man who doggedly chased her halfway across the world.

Tommy, a former naval avia- tor, had briefly taken the lead just a week before the race could conclude,.

Aboard the Bayonet, Neuschäfer gave Tommy a peck on his cheek.

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